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A different approach to tenant representation

In today's environment, many real estate firms offer so-called, "full service" operations, where the same individuals often represent both landlords and tenants, or buyers and sellers. We believe that this dual role poses a significant conflict of interest.

At Banner Commercial, we take a different approach. Our sole focus is end-user representation. Since we do not accept property listings, we can offer our clients unbiased representation in all aspects of their facility requirements. Our diligent focus on representing the users of commercial real estate has allowed us to develop a process that yields exceptional results.

Our detailed involvement from the beginning of the planning stages through post-occupancy follow up enables us to maintain oversight of the entire process. Knowledge of each step of the process allows us to consistently deliver creative, effective solutions that promote optimal compliance with all design, schedule and budget parameters.

While we maintain solid relationships with landlords and have preserved a sterling reputation in the commercial real estate community, you will remain our first priority and we will place your interests above our own.